Motorola Xoom video surfaces confirming what we already know: WiFi and GSM versions exists

When it comes to the Motorola Xoom, pricing and availability are still two of the great mysteries surrounding the device. So far, we haven’t seen any evidence that points away from the well known and loved CDMA version of the Xoom launching at $800 on February 24th.

We also know that a WiFi only version of the tablet certainly exists outside the US, and thanks to an FCC filing from Moto, quite possibly inside as well.

And there’s that All Things D interview with David Christopher of AT&T where Christopher says Ma Bell will be carrying the Xoom at some point, meaning a GSM edition of the device is out there somewhere.

Confused yet? It’s like this: We’ve seen the CDMA Xoom, and we only know the WiFi only and GSM versions exist via word-of-mouth.

Thanks to a video from TBreak straight outta Dubai today, it looks like we finally get to see at least one of those mystery versions in action: A silver GSM enabled Motorola Xoom. Another interesting bit? The WiFi only Xoom is confirmed once again. There isn’t a whole lot more to go on right now, but at the rate info is leaking out, we should know more shortly. For now, enjoy the 11 minutes of full on GSM silver Xoom in the video below.

Motorola Xoom Hands On from Tbreak Media on Vimeo.

Via TBreak by way of Engadget

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