Motorola’s investors meeting: Web-top and Gingerbread

At today’s investors meeting with Motorola, Sanjay Jha hasn’t been shy about sharing a glimpse into Moto’s future.

On the topic of Gingerbread, Jha has said that Motorola will be one of the first manufacturers to get Gingerbread up and running on their current devices. Looking back to June of 2010, Jha says that Moto was finally getting the feel of how the process works, and they’re confident that will show with this latest round of updates.

On a more interesting note, the ever popular web-top application that makes the Atrix so unique won’t be exclusive for long. According to Jha, all high-end smartphones from June 2011 forward will be compatible with web-top accessories. The Droid Bionic was originally slated to land the laptop docking accessory along with the Atrix at CES, but due to time constraints wasn’t made available. Look forward to Moto doing a whole lot more with web-top in the second half of this year.

Via Droid-Life 1, 2

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