MWC leaks galore: Galaxy S2, Desire HD2, Desire 2, Wildfire 2

If you didn’t think tonight was going to be a good night for leaks, think again. PocketNow has gotten ahold of some rumored specs and release information from Expansys on a ton of phones to be shown at MWC. A lot of the information is things we’ve already heard hinted towards, but there’s certainly some new info as well.

First up, the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The specs that’ve been floating around on the GS2 for awhile now are pretty spot on. As a refresher, we’re looking at a 4.3″ SAMOLED Plus display; 512MB RAM; 16GB internal storage; 8MP rear camera; 2MP front-facing camera; NFC compatibility; HDMI out; HSPA+; and a dual-core processor. The only real surprise out of all this is who the processor is made by. Samsung’s Orion is going to sit this one out, and instead Qualcomm’s 8260 1.2GHz processor with Adreno 205 3D acceleration is in.

Next up on the list is the HTC Desire HD2, or Pyramid as it’s being referred in parts numbers. The same Qualcomm 8260 dual-core is on board, as well as a 4.3″ qHD (960×540) SLCD display; 512MB RAM; 8GB internal memory; and 8MP camera. Of note in the Desire HD2 specs is the mention of Sense 3.0. We’ll have to wait to hear more about that. The Desire HD2 is expected to hit T-Mobile US sometime this May.

The Desire HD2′s slightly smaller sibling the Desire 2 was also spec’d. The seemingly mid-range device is going to come with a Qualcomm 1GHz 8250; 3.7″ WVGA display; 5MP rear camera; 2MP front-facing camera; 512MB RAM; and 4GB internal storage.

Last but not least in the leaks is the Wildfire 2. The sequel to the now mid-range Wildfire will probably be considered more of a low-end budget smartphone by the time it releases. Specs include a 600MHz processor; 3.2″ 320×480 display; and 348MB RAM.

The supposed release dates that have also been leaked on the Galaxy S 2, Desire 2, and Wildfire 2 are May 2nd, May 23rd, and June 13th respectively.

Any of this enough to get you excited? Remember to stay tuned to DroidDog for this upcoming MWC, as we’ll be sure to bring you all the coverage we can get our hands on.

Via PocketNow

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