Send a valentines day e-card with lovey-dovey geolocation

Woops. You totally spaced Valentine’s Day and you just realized why your significant other has been a bit cold and quiet for the last several hours. Well, it’s still not too late to pretend that you had long-standing dinner reservations or to grab a gift basket with some flowers. And now that he or she has headed off to work or school, convinced that you have totally blown it (again), why not spring the well-kept surprise with a cute e-card that celebrates the day and your personal history together? let’s you share your V-Day love with a heart-framed map or Street View from Google Maps. Just search the name or address of the location where you had your first kiss, the restaurant where you want to meet them tonight at 8:00, or perhaps a street view of grocery store where you proposed (nice one, Casanova).

You’ll see that the Places pin marking the location has been joined by its own SO, forming the shape of a heart. Map zoom level can be adjusted as well. Once you have the location entered and tweaked the display just so, simply type in a message and hit send. It’s definitely better than what you had in mind, lazy! Head on over to to create your own card.

Via the Google Lat Long Blog

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