Sony develops two unique tablets, will they see the light of day?

The other day, Engadget got word on an upcoming PlayStation Suite certified Sony tablet called the S1 (patent sketch above), which was then verified by two “highly trusted and independent sources.” The S1 is a 9.4″ tablet (1280 X 800) that will run a version of Honeycomb customized by Sony’s Vaio team (though the Vaio branding is unlikely to be carried over to the gadget.) Sony’s media service Qriocity is said to be central to the appeal of the S1, and with gaming capability galore, this tablet is poised to be an entertainment powerhouse.

The unique design calls back to a folded paperback, and aside from providing a convenient hiding place for the devices inner workings, such as the Tegra 2 processor, allows for more comfortable one-handed operation. A WiFi-only version of the S1 is planned to sell in September for $599, but both windows could change.

Perhaps more interesting than the S1, if only for the novelty of the concept, is the S2, also represented by a patent sketch and detailed by Engadget. This odd, dual-screen cylindrical clamshell features two 5.5″ displays, Android Honeycomb, and a Tegra 2 processor. The potential of this one, which features 3G and WiFi, is interesting in the utilization of the dual-screen form factor. One source reported seeing a list of Gmail messages on the top display with the message body populating the lower. Unfortunately, the S2 is apparently facing a lot of resistance and skepticism within the company and may never exist outside of the R&D department at Sony. Then again, we might see this thing on sale by the holidays for $699. No word on PlayStation Suite certification for the S2.

Via Engadget (S1, S2)

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