Video: Pulse for tablets hands on

A long time ago here on DroidDog, think September, I wrote an op-ed piece discussing the state of Android and the translation of the OS from phones to tablets. Back then, Honeycomb was nothing more than a whisper. All we had seen of Android running on a mainstream tablet was the Galaxy Tab, which to be blunt, wasn’t exactly breath-taking. My final word on the situation was that I was gonna wait.

My main inspiration? Seeing Pulse, the popular graphics based news reader, ported to the iPad and how amazing it looked. They totally changed how the app worked to better utilize a tablet sized resolution — something they hadn’t done at the time for Android.

Well that was then, and this is now. The time has come for Android based tablets to finally show what they’re made of, and for me they have. The magical moment when I knew I had to get a shiny new Honeycomb based device was seeing Pulse for Android tablets shown off on the Motorola Xoom. The app properly utilizes screen real estate; there’s fancy transitions and animations galore; there’s some gorgeous well planned widgets available; everything is incredibly smooth — This is the Pulse I’ve been waiting for since last September, nearly five months now.

If you’d like to see Pulse for tablets in action, just check out the video demo below. As for me, I’m going to start planning which tablet I wanna buy, the wait was well worth it.

Via Android Central

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