Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play commercial

Sony Ericsson’s R&D, marketing, physical product design, and software polish hardly equate with a back alley hack job (this is the last time I’ll mention the X10 launch in such an unfavorable way) but that’s exactly the imagery the company has chosen for promoting their PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play.

Forget the the early 30s, former super model, Harvard alumnus with a $2,000 skirt suit who checks her messages at a Beverly Hills illuminated bar that’s almost as white as the porcelain façade of her perfectly straight teeth. This spot goes for the gamer who spends his or her time lurking in the shadows; trouncing through the muck at great peril in pursuit of a single objective…all with their thumbs. Will they do the same for the Xperia Play?

Via by way of AG

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