Videos: LG videos tease Optimus and G-Slate 3D capabilities

The video above was pulled the first time it was posted, earlier today. Someone foresaw the plugging of the leak and saved the video for reposting. There’s no telling how long it will last this time around. Though we’ve seen all of the LG G-Slate–bits and pieces making cameo appearances in strange places–this is the first time we’ve heard LG say that the tablet will capture 3D video in addition to stills. It’s also clear that glasses will be required for viewing 3D content. This aligns with the TMoNews leak that made us all aware of the tablet’s reach into another dimension, by way of a rumored listing for accessory glasses.

For those who don’t want to rock the 3D glasses during G-Slate use, a little bit of experimentation, knowledge of electronics, and the willingness to risk mental and physical health, there are other options for viewing 3D content.

The second LG video is an Optimus 3D teaser. And really, that’s all it is: a teaser. There is virtually no information transmitted here, but we are given hints of 3D functionality (which we already knew about). Looks like we’ll have to wait for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona before we can actually see this thing in action. Word is that no glasses will be required to enjoy the 3D display on this killer phone.

Via Android and Me

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