Wirefly unboxes HTC Thunderbolt, contests Best Buy ‘exclusive’ [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Wirefly has contacted us to clarify that Best Buy does indeed have an exclusive on Thunderbolt sales at brick-and-mortar locations, but not on online sales. There is still no word on how long this exclusivity agreement will last. [END UPDATE]

It looks as though today’s announcement by Best Buy regarding their retail exclusive on HTC’s upcoming Verizon LTE device, the Thunderbolt, isn’t boding well with at least one other mobile retailer. Wirefly is sending out notification that they will have the Thunderbolt available for sale soon, and that “Best Buy does NOT have a ‘national retail exclusive.’” The email included a link to the unboxing video you see above.

Wirefly did not provide their date of availability. And as far as we can tell, Best Buy is the only place to pre-order today, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason to doubt their exclusivity press release. The line about launching the device “mid-February as a national retail exclusive for Best Buy,” may have been a bit too vague though, and could have been referring to a brick-and-mortar exclusivity alone.

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