Xperia Play could be bound for Verizon

Back on February 3rd, Wirefly posted a comparison chart illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of Apple’s iPhone versus those of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming PlayStation device, the Xperia Play. It wasn’t unti late last night that Phone Arena was tipped off to what might have been a legitimate leak in the chart: The Xperia Play’s U.S. carrier was listed as Verizon Wireless.

Wirefly has replaced the as yet unannounced carrier ties with a cautious, “to be determined” since this leak was picked up and disseminated by tech media. Was the slip based on actual inside knowledge, or was it a simple error with no foundation? We might have to wait until the 13th for any reliable information on carrier, pricing, and availability. That’s when Sony Ericsson plans to make their Xperia Play announcement.

Via AC

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