Amazon Appstore could launch tomorrow [Update]


The Appstore is live. More info here.

End update.

According to a “trusted source” from Wired, Amazon could be launching their Appstore as soon as tomorrow, March 22nd.

There’s been a lot of leaks surrounding Amazon’s Appstore, but it looks like the real deal may finally be upon us. We’ve already seen how competitive pricing for the alternative market is, and we know that Amazon has secured an exclusive launch of Angry Birds Rio. Despite that knowledge, however, real world use, performance, and distribution methods are an entirely different story.

There is definitely something to be said about turning on Android phone and being able to simply click the Market icon to be taken to a world of apps and games. Distribution of the Amazon Appstore may initially hurt adoption, but it’s still too soon to tell what will really happen.

Come tomorrow, there’s a good chance we’ll get to see just how the Amazon Appstore will finally pan out.

Via Wired

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