Amazon Appstore prices previewed

Trying to find your next Amazon Appstore fix? Look no further than

The Amazon Appstore page, accessible by clicking the link above, clearly isn’t ready for prime-time. You can’t click on any apps to view more details –if you do, you’re taken to the Amazon home page– but prices are live. Most are comparable to what’s available in the Android Market, with neither outlet having any real advantage over the other in pricing … for now. The idea of different pricing on apps based on the app store they’re in raises an interesting idea: shopping around for apps. Traditionally, there’s been one major app store per platform. With the explosion of Android, a lot has changed. It won’t be uncommon in the future to buy apps from different sources to get the best deal around, just like you do with everything else you buy.

How about it, would you rather buy from one place to keep things convenient, or will you be shopping around to find the best deal of apps for your phone?

Via Android Community

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