Amazon Cloud Player lets you stream music to your Android device

While Google’s supposed to be bringing streaming music to Android devices some time in the future (we’re still waiting), it looks like Amazon’s not quite ready to give up rocking the Android boat. After just launching the Android Appstore, Amazon’s still on a roll, now bringing their Cloud Player to the fore. This allows owners of an Android-based handset to gain access to not only the Amazon MP3 store, but also pay a yearly fee for cloud-based storage, where users will be able to store their music for easy access to download when they want. But, that’s not all. Cloud Player users will also be able to stream their music from the cloud, right to their device whenever they want. Services start at 5GB for free, or all the way up to 1,000GB for $1,000 year. Amazon’s offering a deal that gives you 20GB of storage for a year for free, if you buy an album through the MP3 store, too. A good deal for anyone who’s looking for more storage, and wants to buy a new album.

Via PhoneDog

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