Android 2.3.3 allows for screen captures without root

Unless you were familiar with using the Android SDK or rooted, there was no reliable way to take screen shots on your Android device. It’s a feature that’s been long available on other platforms, and something users have been asking for since version 1.0. It looks like all that asking has finally paid off, as Android 2.3.3 finally allows you to take screen captures without being rooted.

According to Android Central, “changes in the way the SurfaceFlinger service handles what it captures from the framebuffer” is what has allowed for the function to become available.

As 2.3.3 is relatively fresh, don’t expect the new discovery to catch on quite yet. Once more phones are equipped with the update, be sure to expect some incredibly innovative apps that will finally be able to utilize the function. We’ll be keeping an eye out.

Via Android Central

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