AT&T in talks with Amazon to allow purchases from Appstore

Since the initial launch of Android on AT&T’s network, sideloading applications onto branded devices has been a no-go. And, up until now, AT&T hasn’t been ready to budge on the topic at all. And while Angry Birds developer Rovio announced on their Facebook page not too long ago that AT&T is currently working on allowing subscribers to purchase applications from Amazon’s recently launched Appstore, sideloading still doesn’t seem to be an option. According to AT&T: “”We’re working to give our Android customers access to third party application stores. This requires updates to our systems and finalizing arrangements with Amazon. We will share more info with our customers in the near future.” Not only will AT&T have to update their systems, but updates for all the Android devices on AT&T’s network will more than likely have to be updated in some fashion as well, considering that it doesn’t look like simply allowing sideloading of apps is going to be an option any time soon. It’s good to see that AT&T is looking at options, though.

Via Engadget

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