Baconreader open alpha begins April 12th

There are a couple of acceptable methods of accessing Reddit from an Android phone. Reddit is Fun (at least the paid version with widgets) is arguably the best current choice, beating out mobile browser access to a stripped-down site optimized for user script customization. But neither of these two options are both elegant and full-featured.

Thankfully, and Android developer that goes by the name of @meinhyperspeed (Chris Arvin) has been working on a tasty client called baconreader. Using the program’s own subreddit for idea exchanges, meinhyperspeed has continually sought and implemented suggestions from his core audience: Redditors. The result, as you can see in the video above, is a polished, friendly, functional, and just plain cool app for indulging in your favorite addiction.

Here’s the best part: You can sign up right now to take part in a baconreader open alpha that begins on April 12. If you think you can help–if only by reporting a bug or suggestion–to make baconreader the Android Reddit client, get on the list!

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