BlackBerry Messenger making its way to Android

Any time a decent non-SMS messaging app comes out for Android, one of the first things always said is how the app stacks up against BlackBerry Messenger. There are plenty that have been really good, but RIM has it down. Of course as time goes on, those messaging apps are improving — so much so that they’re being bought up by companies like Facebook. So with the increasing success of BBM rip-offs, what’s RIM to do? Fight back.

BGR has it on good word from “multiple trusted sources” that RIM will be releasing BlackBerry Messenger on Android. The details are a little sparse right now, but the plan appears to be something along the lines of figure out pricing model — if there is one; release on an open platform like Android; refine the app; work on an iOS version.

There’s all sorts of talk about what features will be included and which ones will be stripped (pictures may not be able to be sent), but the important thing to remember here is that the real deal BlackBerry messenger, in time, will allow you to seamlessly communicate between BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, and presumably iPod and iPad devices. Excited?


Image via Daniel Odio

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