Game Corner: Hextacy

Whenever I’m looking to play a game on my Nexus One, it’s usually because I have a couple of minutes to spare. In the past, that meant fumbling around a terrible UI just to try and entertain myself with complete garbage. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Mobile gaming is still growing in big ways, and small yet incredibly good looking and entertaining games like Hextacy are a true testament to that.


Hextacy for Android is available for any phone running 2.1 or higher. There is currently two versions of Hextacy available in the Market: a trial version with limited gameplay, and the full version for $2.36. The version available at the time of writing this is 1.1.1, which is 2.8M in size.


Hextacy, according to the Market listing, is described as a “finger sliding puzzle game.” The objective of the game is to eliminate groups of three or more “hexes” of the same color at a time. You do this by sliding your finger through groups of hexes. In the lite version of the game, you can only play one game mode: classic. In the full version, you can also play hardcore and pure modes.

Classic – Classic mode is the most basic version of Hextacy. You can slide your finger through any number of hexes to clear them off the board, so long as it’s more than three. Any hexes left at the end of a turn become inactive until the following turn. As you advance through classic mode, you unlock power-ups that turn inactive hexes active, and clear rows of hexes.

Hardcore – Hardcore mode is exactly the same as classic mode, but you can only clear groups of three hexes at a time – no more than that.

Pure – Again, pure mode is identical to classic mode, but it doesn’t have power-ups.


As with most puzzle games, Hextacy has very limited options. You can change the color of hexes to better suit the colorblind, and turn the music on and off.


One of my favorite things about Hextacy is the graphics and design. Except for the polished five by five block of colored hexes, everything is very clean and minimal. There’s an all black background on every screen, and font is all very legible and bright white. It’s very apparent from the opening screen of Hextacy that the developer, Magnus Lorentzon, has put a lot of thought into the design of the game.


I’ve been playing Hextacy every night for a week now, and I haven’t seen a single hiccup in performance. Using a Nexus One with CM7, everything is incredibly smooth. With such a minimal design, I can’t imagine performance would be an issue on any device capable of running Hextacy.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a quick game that looks and performs wonderfully, I can’t recommend Hextacy enough. It’s unfortunate that the game only works on devices Android 2.1 and up, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue these days. If you’re looking to buy the full version of the game, simply follow the Market link below. Be sure to stop back by here and let us know how you like it.

Android Market Hextacy Link

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