Google aiming to test NFC in New York City and San Francisco soon

Google’s hopes for Near Field Communications, or NFC, isn’t a secret by any means. The Mountain View-based company wants to make it possible for everyone to simply use their Android-powered smartphone to make their next payment at the register. But, the adoption hasn’t been widespread quite yet — that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s release into the wild hasn’t been all that widespread, either. Android 2.3 is going to feature NFC, but many Android owners are still waiting for the software update. But that’s not stopping Google from planning ahead, as the company is expected to test NFC mobile payment system in both New York City and San Francisco within the next four months. Google would pay to install Veriphone manufactured cash registers with NFC capabilities built-in, and those who are picked to test the system would be equipped with Google Nexus S devices. The test is positioned to promote the system, as well as make sure that it works before Google makes it publicly available in a wide fashion.

Via Phone Arena, Bloomberg

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