Google Body for Honeycomb available now

Whenever we’ve talked about the new apps coming for Honeycomb based tablets here at DroidDog, we’ve always been sure to mention Google Body.

By using Honeycomb’s new 3D graphics library being called Renderscript, Google was able to create an immersive 3D map of the human body. Now for the first time, Google Body is available to download from the Android Market for devices running 3.0.

As of right now, you can zoom into different layers, search, and browse the entire anatomy of the female body (a male add-on is coming soon). It’s just like Google Body’s first reviewer Lance has said, it’s “too cool for school!!”

Look for the new Google Body app to be utilized in some incredibly innovative ways as the app begins to pick up steam. To download Google Body, visit the Android Market.

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