Google Docs gets “Discussions” feature

Remember the product that Google unveiled in the spring of 2009 that brought together the best elements of email, instant messaging, chat rooms, live document collaboration, social news, and a hodge-podge of other seemingly disparate features? You know, Google Wave. The HTML5 web app was obviously bursting with potential, though I can’t say I know of anyone who found any practical application beyond that first week or two after release when so many of my online friends and acquaintances were thrilled by the novelty and technology. Though, according to a DroidDog poll on Wave, many of you think the product was simply ahead of its time.

Wave has moved out of the public eye and into the creative hands of the Apache Software Foundation, becoming WIAB (Wave in a Box). But at least a shadow of the confounding glory that was Google Wave has emerged in a very public new application: Google Docs Discussions. It doesn’t look like we’ll be erasing coworkers’ text as a goof or inviting friends in on what someone else thought was a private conversation. No, Discussions brings the more practical, useful, usable, and sensible aspects of Wave into the collaborative document environment of Google Docs, perhaps where they should have gone in the first place.

Unlike the one-hour-and-twenty-minute Wave presentation that left the world scratching its collective head, Google unveils Discussions in a spot that clocks in under two minutes and makes the application of the product perfectly clear. Did you wonder if/when/where we would eventually see the fruits of Wave successfully implemented in Google product(s)? Discussions feels like a pretty good start to me.

Discussions is rolling out to Google accounts now.

Via The Google Blog

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