Google Docs mobile editing now supports 45 languages

As Google and the various services provided by Google continue to gain international popularity, the Big G is always looking to expand on compatibility. Google Docs is one of their most popular products, and the mobile version got a huge international boost today.

When visiting Google Docs and using the mobile editing feature on Android 2.2 and above, and iOS 3.0 and above, there’s now support for 45 languages:

“Arabic; Bulgarian; Catalan; Chinese (Simplified); Chinese (Traditional); Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch; English; English (UK); Filipino; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Gujarati; Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Kannada; Korean; Latvian; Lithuanian; Malayalam; Marathi; Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese (Portugal); Portuguese (Brazil); Romanian; Russian; Serbian; Slovak; Slovenian; Spanish; Swedish; Tamil; Telugu; Thai; Turkish; Ukrainian; Vietnamese”

To use the now internationally expanded Google Docs mobile, just visit from your mobile browser, and switch from view mode, to edit mode.

Via Google