Google fighting fragmentation harder than ever

The fragmentation issue has been getting worse as more devices from more manufacturers have launched since the release of Android, and while Google and manufacturers have acknowledged the issue is there, there hasn’t been much work on alleviating the situation for Android fans. But, that’s all about to change. Google is reportedly doing what is necessary to make sure that Android’s fragmentation issue becomes something of the past. According to executives at companies like Samsung and LG, Google is locking down the amount of customization that can be included in Android-powered devices. Furthermore, if a company does want to throw in some changes, it looks like they’ll have to get it approved by Andy Rubin before they can move ahead with their device. What’s more, though, is that Google’s now enforcing the non-fragmentation clause that’s always been part of the Android party, telling people that they have the right to approve or deny any and all tweaks to an Android build that’s released by a manufacturer. Seems like they know there’s an issue, but they may be going too far to get the problem fixed.

Via PhoneDog, BGR

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