Google giving away tickets to I/O

Did you miss your chance to sign up for Google I/O 2011? Considering how tickets sold out in the first day, there’s a good chance you did. Well fear not faithful Google fan, Google is about to be running a new contest called Last Call for Google I/O that features “10 developer challenges and 100 chances to win tickets to attend the now-sold-out Google I/O 2011.”

According to the contest page:

Here’s how it works. We will announce a new challenge on the contest site on select dates at either 9am or 4pm PDT, that will last for 24 hours each. There will be 10 days of challenges with 10 winners on each day, spanning the following developer products:

March 16 – Android, 9:00 am
March 17 – Chrome, 9:00 am
March 18 – App Engine, 9:00 am
March 21 – YouTube APIs, 9:00 am
March 22 – Game Developers, 9:00 am
March 23 – Google Maps / Geo, 4:00 pm
March 24 – Commerce, 9:00 am
March 25 – Developer Tools / GWT, 9:00 am
March 28 – Accessibility, 4:00 pm
March 29 – Google Apps / Enterprise, 4:00 pm

In order to win, you have to beat two rounds of challenges. The first round will consist of qualifying questions, and the second round will be unveiled at the time of the challenge. If you’d like to learn more, just visit the contest page.

Good luck devs!

Via Google

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