Google Music is only a hack away

According to loose timelines and rumor mills, we should have already seen Google’s cloud syncing answer to music storage. Talks of the service first picked up several months ago, and officially, we’ve still year to hear a thing. Unofficially, it’s ready to go.

According to XDA user WhiteWidows, when using the Honeycomb music player on a CyanogenMod 2.3.3 build, a mysterious sync will start. Upon further inspection, you’ll find that under the account sync preferences (found in the main settings) is an option to turn music sync on and off. After some tests from multiple users, it has been confirmed that music being synced is indeed somewhere in the cloud.

As there is no solid idea where music is being synced too yet, and this is all very experimental, it’s highly advisable that you stay away from this if you don’t know what you’re doing. Losing your entire music collection, among other things, would not be fun. If you do want to take a look over the progress being made and the discoveries coming to light, hit up the “CM7 + Honeycomb Music App = Cloud Music Sync WORKING!!!!!” thread. If nothing else, this is a great sign that Google cloud-based music sync should be officially available before we know it.

Via Phandroid

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