Google TV: The return of Kevin Bacon

The last time we heard the name Kevin Bacon and Google TV in the same sentence, it was regarding a mildly creepy commercial spot promoting the Logitech Revue. Fortunately, that hasn’t changed.

Found on the Official Google TV Blog, Ivan Cobenk (who is really Bacon) has written a post talking about how his extended Kevin Bacon video has made it to YouTube! Of course the video barely has anything to do with Google TV again, but there is an interesting catch this time around. According to the blog post, “When you watch it, if you’re really clever, you might be able to figure out how you can buy some of the items from my personal collection of Kevin Bacon memorabilia as seen in the film.”

Essentially, there are clickable links hidden throughout the video. One of those links will take you to this incredibly awesome auction for an incredibly awesome painting. The proceeds from the auction go to charity so go get your bid on. Other interesting links found in the video include Ivan’s Twitter, and a Funny or Die video. Be sure to investigate throughly, there are a lot.

Via Google TV

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