HTC Droid Incredible 2 shows up in Best Buy systems

The HTC Droid Incredible is nearing its one-year anniversary, and that means that there’s a refresh on the way. We’ve known about the Droid Incredible 2, or DInc 2, for a little while now, but most of the hard facts regarding the device are still up in the air. Especially when it comes to a release date. As is usual, Verizon is being coy about an official statement regarding the device. But that’s not stopping it from popping up in important systems, like Best Buy. The ADR6350 has landed in the Best Buy inventory system, meaning that the device is coming next. When? No one knows. But we can all start hoping that it’s sooner, rather than later. Maybe CTIA?

Via PhoneDog, Droid-Life

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