HTC Flyer destined to land at T-Mobile?

It shouldn’t be surprising to see HTC pushing their 7-inch Flyer out to as many carriers as possible, but I wouldn’t blame you if seeing some T-Mobile branded promotional Flyer material caught you off guard.

If a YouTube branding and some store displays are any indication of things to come, at least one branch of T-Mobile will be carrying the Flyer. The store displays, pictured below, indicate a T-Mobile international launch. The YouTube rebranding, however, is done on the T-Mobile USA page, and indicates the Flyer’s release stateside. There’s no solid information on whether or not the Flyer will release on both versions of the carrier, or if it’s only going to be one or the other. Either way, if the current trend of upcoming availability holds true, we should see the Flyer hit shelves this summer.

Via PocketNow

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