HTC Inspire 4G cleared by the FCC to enable HSUPA

If you were quick to pick up one of AT&T’s 4G devices, like HTC’s Inspire 4G, then you probably realized pretty quickly that that 4G label isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. At least not right now, with the fact that HSUPA is currently disabled on the device. But, AT&T has come clean on their 4G devices, saying that in the (near?) future these 4G beasts will be able to upload things at high speeds, which is all anyone really wants, right? The FCC has just given the green light to HTC to flip the switch on HSUPA on the Inspire 4G, which looks to be one of the last hurdles the manufacturer needs to clear before they can activate the feature. Now owners of the Inspire will just have to wait for AT&T to give their go-ahead, and then the high speed uploading can begin.

Via PhoneDog

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