Is Google finally adding VoIP support to Google Voice?

When Google first bought GrandCentral in 2007, rumors of the Big G utilizing VoIP in some interesting ways started to swirl. When Gizmo5 was acquired, it practically sealed the deal. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen much of that tight Google integration with VoIP and Google Voice like many have been suspecting — until now.

Unearthed by Disruptive Telephony and a couple of companions on Twitter, you can now add “” to the end of some Google Voice numbers (not all are compatible as of right now) to create a SIP URI. By creating an SIP URI, you’re able to bypass PSTN and call directly over IP.

There’s no word on if or when Google when would make this some sort of public feature, but the fact that it exists is a good step in the direction towards a fully integrated Google Voice VoIP experience.

If Google allowed you to manage your entire mobile lifestyle without the use of a carrier, would you do it? Lets us know in the comments below.


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