Is HTC working harder to keep hackers at bay?

It seems like with the release of every new Android phone, rooters and modders face new challenges on how to effectively take control of their device. Unfortunately, the HTC Thunderbolt is no exception. Although it was cracked open very shortly after release, that doesn’t mean precautions weren’t taken to try and prevent that. Locked down bootloaders and signed recoveries aren’t enough to stop most hackers, but it’s a growing trend among HTC devices that’s starting to make the company look bad.

If you are into hacking and modding your Android device, HTC has always been the way to go. With the security behind the Thunderbolt, however, those who were into software modification were a little nervous. It doesn’t stop there though — the HTC Incredible S also contains signature verified recovery images that may stop users from flashing custom ROMs. Essentially, when trying to flash a recovery image, your device will make sure the image has the proper “signature” attached, or it won’t work.

There’s no word on why HTC is implementing this change in policy, but it certainly has the community on edge. We’ll be sure to keep an ear to the ground in hopes of hearing some good news surrounding the matter. Until then, will HTC’s improved security keep you away from their devices?

Via Android Police

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