Launcher Pro updated to 0.8.4

When it comes to your launcher of choice on your Android device, it seems most people are split two ways: ADW (EX) or Launcher Pro. Those of you who just so happen to choose Launcher Pro are in for a treat today.

Released as version 0.8.4, the new Launcher Pro available now includes a new GMail widget, bug fixes for existing widgets, some new screen transition animations, and other various bug fixes for enhanced performance.

Also worth noting in the release notes for 0.8.4, the developer, Federico Carnales, will be doing away with the PayPal verification method of purchasing the Plus version of Launcher Pro. Users who have already purchased LPPlus need not worry as keys will still be valid, but anyone just now purchasing will do so through the Android Market.

To download Launcher Pro, simply use the Market link below.

Market link

Via Android Central

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