Motorola Droid 3, X 2, and Targa break cover

It seems like only yesterday when the Droid 2 and Droid X were hitting retail shelves, but it really has almost been a year. According to the (what is now becoming) industry standard of the one-year release cycle, we’re due for a refresh. Thanks to Howard Forums user wnrussell, we get to take a sneak peek at those refreshes:

Little is known about the Droid 3 and X 2, but you’d have to imagine by the time these phones are ready to roll, dual-core processors and 4G radios will be inside.

The other new Motorola device pictured, known as the Targa, is even more of a mystery. All we know is what we see: it will come with 4G and a really big camera.

Anyone interested in any of the three? Time for an upgrade already? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Engadget

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