Motorola Mobility contemplating their own mobile OS?

Arguably, Android’s success has more to do with the huge adoption from manufacturers all over the world, putting the mobile OS in GPS units, to tablets, to where it all started: smartphones. While Google’s software engineers are the creators of the OS, if it weren’t for the manufacturers who put Android on their devices, there wouldn’t be anything to talk about. Unfortunately, one of Android’s biggest supporters, Motorola, is rumored to be looking at safety nets in the form of creating their own mobile OS. The rumors are coming from a “source familiar with the matter” speaking with Information Week. The source says that Motorola is currently going on a hiring spree, picking up Web-focused and software engineers from Apple and Adobe, all of which are meant to help Motorola Mobility create their own mobile OS. The source says that Motorola believes Google is shooting itself in the foot, based on fragmentation and support for their partners, and that sooner or later it will come back to haunt them. Accordingly, while Motorola is obviously not going to drop Android entirely any time soon, the company wants options just in case they feel that they need to.

Via PhoneDog, Information Week

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