Motorola posts software upgrade changelist for Atrix 4G

A couple of days ago, we told you that Motorola was letting owners of the Atrix 4G sign up to be on a list of 1,000 users who would be able to beta test an upcoming software upgrade for the Android-powered smartphone. While the sign up is shut down, Motorola stuck to their word and published a changelist for the software upgrade, letting everyone know what’s expected in the maintenance update that’s set to roll out via an over the air update here shortly. Changes that owners should expect include updates to the Bluetooth functionality, letting the Atrix 4G connect to more headsets. Motorola is including some battery fixes as well, which should improve the overall life of the battery. The fingerprint reader is also getting some updated specs, which should increase the reader’s performance. The car dock is getting some improvements, along with the 3.5mm audio jack, and so is the general stability of the phone. And Motorola now has it that the Atrix 4G’s screen will shut down automatically while it’s being charged from the AC adapter. The update is build 4.1.57, and it comes in at 17MB.

Via Motorola

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