New Thunderbolt release date information [Update] [OFFICIAL]

Update 2:

Verizon Wireless has put out a press release that makes March 17th the official day. The final cost for the first LTE handset to grace Big Red? $250.


More evidence pointing towards a Thursday launch for the Thunderbolt has already surfaced. A Verizon training guide shows the 17th as the release date, and WireFly has started taking pre-orders with a shipping date of the 17th. Where you at press release?

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Release date rumors surrounding the HTC Thunderbolt have officially hit the absolutely ridiculous mark. At least once a week now, sometimes once a day, a new rumor regarding availability hits the blogosphere. It looks like the madness may finally be at an end.

Verizon has said multiple times now that until they say it is so, any release date you see on the Thunderbolt is wrong. Well it may not be official in press release form, but at least one Verizon Twitter account has said they’re “supposed” to have the Thunderbolt in stock by the 17th. This information along with multiple reports of Best Buy customers being contacted for appointments on that day, and Verizon internal computers showing an in stock status, leads us to believe this may finally be it.

If the Thunderbolt really is ready to launch on the 17th, we should see an official announcement very shortly.

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