PhoneDog’s Colossal iPad 2 and Smartphone Sweepstakes

That’s right folks, the dog has barely had time to recover form shipping out all those tablets from our last giveaway, and we’ve already got another one lined up. This time around, we’re doing things a bit differently. Rather than a long build-up and some huge drawings at the end of the sweepstakes, we’re going to be sending out prizes twice a month, and drawing winning tickets twice a week. Among the loot will be iPad 2s and whatever smart phone is the hotness for that month. This sweepstakes runs until June 21st, and we want to keep the prizes relevant. The first drawing is on March 22nd.

You can enter the sweepstakes right here, right now!

While each of the PhoneDog sites will be posting updates and reminders, be sure to check out PhoneDog’s official sweepstakes post for all of the details and terms. That’s also the best place to ask questions!

This is our way of saying thank you to our readership. We appreciate you coming around to read our words and watch our videos.

Good luck!

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