PSA: Words With Friends update available now

When Zynga first released Words With Friends into the Android Market, the game was an instant hit. The Android Market shows an estimated 1-5 million downloads so far, which means that when the latest update to the app went live today, you can bet not everyone saw an important message from developers:

to get the most out of this update, you need to uninstall the current version first. you won’t lose your games when you uninstall as they are saved on our server.”

As the update only contains “a lot of good stuff under the hood,” it’s not very clear on why developers are pushing so hard for users to uninstall. Nevertheless, the warnings are there.

Also of note in the update was the announcement of a tablet sized version of WWF and an ad free version coming soon.

If you update, be some to let us know how things have changed in the comments below.

Via New Toy Inc

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