Samsung Galaxy S II: Tegra edition

In a tale that’s been told many a time before, Samsung will be turning to alternative smartphone components to keep up with the anticipated demand for the Galaxy S II. Normally, the screen is the first thing to make the switch for phones, but as Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus displays are one of their key selling points, the processor is what will be interchangeable this time.

Essentially, there will be two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II when the device is released: Samsung branded Exynos powered handsets, and NVIDIA Tegra 2 powered handsets. What will be really interesting here is to see how the Tegra performs in the Galaxy S II. With comparable performance and development already picking up on Tegra powered devices, the NVIDIA equipped version just may become the more coveted phone. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Via Engadget

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