Samsung’s Exynos 4210 3D gaming capabilities demoed on video

With Samsung producing two different models of the Galaxy S II, one with a Exynos processor and one with a Tegra 2, you have to wonder how well each will perform. We’ve seen the Tegra in action, and real-life reviews are generally positive, but we haven’t seen much on Samsung’s Exynos. Thanks to a demo out of GDC ’11, we get to take a glimpse into the gaming power behind the Exynos 4210.

Using HDMI output 1.3 and a 1080p television, the Exynos is able to produce nearly flawless stereoscopic 3D gameplay in full HD at 60 frames-per-second. If the HDMI output would have been 1.4, that frame rate would have gone up. For gamers out there wondering if the newest crop of Android phones are worth the upgrade from their previous handset of choice, I think the video below speaks for itself.

Via Engadget

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