Sony Ericsson’s latest Xperia Play commercials online now

What do you get when you cross a mild-mannered Xperia Play representative, kittens, demonic messages, battling dwarfs, and some censored cursing? Quite possibly the most entertaining line of commercials to ever come out for an Android device.

Sony Ericsson has released three new commercials that feature the new face of the Xperia Play, Kristen, along with some hilarious gimmicks that brag about the Play’s gaming background. Paired with the tagline “Android is ready to play,” the commercials highlight the flexibility of Android and how the Xperia Play is “the smartphone with everything you need, and the one thing you want.”

While these new commercials (kinda) fall in line with the recent trend of barely-talk-about-your-product advertising, they do a great job of showing what the Xperia Play is all about. You can watch all three new commercials below.

Via Engadget

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