Verizon branded HTC Merge passes through the FCC

When HTC finally announced the Merge on February 25th, the only availability line we were fed stated that the Merge is “slated to be available from multiple North American operators beginning in spring 2011.” As leaks and previous rumors have indicated, at least one of those “North American operators” was supposed to be Verizon. Thanks to the FCC, that has now been confirmed.

Verizon may not have come out and said they will be carrying the Merge, but the user manual floating around the FCC right now is covered in Big Red logos and mentions of Verizon specific services. Is it possible that Verizon would ultimately decide not to carry the Merge? Sure it’s possible, but it’s very highly unlikely. If things continue at this rate, we can definitely expect the Merge to hit that spring 2011 release window.

Via PhoneScoop

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