WiFi only Xoom priced by Sam’s Club

Just two days ago on DroidDog, I wrote a piece dedicated to the current tablet market. As far as Google’s position in concerned, the bottom line is this: they need more content and cheaper prices for their top tier products. Well if the newest pricing information on the WiFi only Motorola Xoom from Droid-Life is correct, they may have one of those two covered.

According to DL, with the support of some in-store displays, Sam’s Club will be selling the Xoom for $539. After rumors of $600 or more, this comes as great news for Google. There still isn’t much information available regarding release, but if Sam’s already has displays on the floor, I can’t imagine it would be long now.

Is this the news you’ve been waiting for readers, or are you going to wait it out a bit longer?

Via Droid-Life

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