XDA launches “Recognized Developer” program

If you’re a developer that regularly posts your work to the XDA forums, then there’s a good chance you’ve been driven mad by how quickly a thread can go down the drain. Everyday on XDA, development threads are flooded with simple questions and thank you posts (now considered spam) that make real bug tracking and other developer contributions unusable. Let’s also not forget other issues developers have to deal with just to share their work for free: inbox space, thread management, and signature restrictions as well.

Fortunately, as XDA has a devoted user driven community, they want to fix that. There’s been a lot of feasible solutions tossed around regarding the problems developers face, and XDA has finally settled on one: The XDA Recognized Developer program.

By filling out a registration form powered by Google Docs, devs can become a Recognized Developer that gives them the following perks and tools:

Access to a private forum where developers can correspond with other developers and/or XDA admins and mods

A larger PM box

No signature restrictions (except for oversized images or other unreasonable elements)

A special user title

Ability to close/open own threads

Ability to delete tags on own threads

A custom page on the XDA Portal (xda-developers.com/developer/[name]) where you can keep people updated about your work (coming a bit later)

As you can see, there is a lot of useful changes that developers can take advantage of by joining the program. Hopefully, the changes from adding Recognized Developers will be apparent in the forums in no time.


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