ADW Launcher 2 a sign of things to come

ADW Launcher has been popular for quite some time now, and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a major update. Any sort of stable release may still be a couple months away, but a new version of the launcher titled ADW2 has hit the internet with some interesting new features inside.

Among being able to add folders and shortcuts to your app drawer, there’s new long-press options for items in the app drawer as well as widgets, and infinite homescreen looping.

As of right now, ADW2 is not being broadcasted for download. In fact, one of the developers has put out a special webpage for information on ADW2 that includes the following:

There is no reason for anyone for trying ADW2 at the moment (except for a little playing and testing) cause it is in a very early state of development! I have no problem with the fact that some of you found the download link but don’t expect any support and don’t cry for help for any reason!

Also on the webpage is several technical details on ADW2: it will be open source, it will be free (although features could make their way into ADW EX2, or something along those lines), it will be available for any phone running 2.1 or higher, it won’t be out anytime in the near future.

If your digging for more on the launcher, search around XDA.

Via DroidLife, Twitter

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