Android 2.3.4 rolling out “in the next few weeks,” bringing video chat to the Nexus S

Just announced by Google on the official Mobile Blog, Android 2.3.4 will be rolling out to the Nexus One and Nexus S “in the next few weeks,” bringing with it bug fixes for the original Nexus, and video chat enabled Google Talk to the Nexus S.

With the new Google Talk featuring video and voice chat, you will finally be able to video chat with anyone using a compatible phone (see: Nexus S), tablet, or home computer. Right from your contacts list in GTalk, there will now be a camera button that initiates the call over your data connecton, be it via WiFi or 3G/4G — should your carrier allow it. As a nifty added feature, you can pause the video and still use voice when someone shares a link in the chat you’d like to check out.

Also noteworthy about the announcement, the @GoogleNexus account has said the following regarding today’s news:

Android 2.3.4 OTA rolling out over the next few weeks! Has bug fixes for Nexus One, video chat for Nexus S. But a surprise is still to come!

Earlier today, the account put out a tweet that said there was a surprise coming today, and apparently, Android 2.3.4 isn’t it.

Keep checking back for updates on exactly what that surprise is, and for when Android 2.3.4 hits a Nexus near you.

Via Google

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