Baconreader alpha has begun

Those of you who signed up to partake in alpha testing of the buzzworthy Android Reddit client, baconreader, need to check your inbox hit this link; the application is available…NOW! (Actually, anyone can grab it, as there was apparently a problem with the email sign up system.) You can still enter your email address over at the baconreader homepage to be notified when the public release is ready, which is planned to sell for $0.99.

Baconreader is a full-featured, highly polished Reddit client that looks poised to overtake the current de facto favorite for Redditing within Android, Reddit is Fun (free version). With full messaging capabilities, swipe gesture recognition, easy voting, quick searching, submission capability with photo uploads to, the ability to view /saved links, and picture previews, baconreader is far and away the closest thing out there to an official Reddit app. Though, it is worth mentioning that this application was designed not by an employee of Reddit’s parent company, Condé Nast, but by a Redditor, Chris Arvin, who goes by the monkier meinhyperspeed. Over the past couple of months, he has requested and heeded the development suggestions of the Reddit community in the baconreader subreddit. The (nearly) end result is impressive, to say the least.

Take a gander at this prerelease promotional video for a taste of the flavor, and dive in at

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