Baconreader alpha updated

Chris Arvin, the author of Android’s hot new Reddit app, Baconreader, announced today the availability of his first updated alpha apk. Included in the beefy changelog (below) is a host of usability and aesthetic improvements along with bug fixes, though there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the app’s reported excessive battery usage.

For those of you who haven’t tried Baconreader, it is a navigable, visually appealing Reddit client for Android that most seem to find preferable over simply browsing Reddit on a mobile browser. It is the only Reddit app for Android that gives Redditors full access to all of the features of the desktop website. Hardcore Reddit fans out there might miss added functionality they’ve gained using scripts with desktop browsers, but Baconreader takes some of the more practical add-ons into account and implements them when possible (think image previews and nifty comment thread display). All this within a clean, refined interface that renders the mobile version of virtually useless.

It is an alpha, and you’re likely to find bugs, which should be reported in the Baconreader subreddit. Todays release is only the first update to the alpha package, and it’s quite usable. Considering Reddit’s recent downtime due to Amazon server issues, Baconreader development has progressed rapidly, with great response time and community involvement on the part of Baconreader’s creator.

If you’re at all interested in Reddit, or even social news and media/story/content sharing in general, keep an eye on this app. Here is the change log, as listed at the Baconreader website:

Uses an internal browser (disable in settings if you’d like)
Comment threads can be collapsed by tapping on a comment
Submitters (OP) of threads are distinguished in comments
Removed extra space under comments
Fixed a bug where subreddits would double
Articles and comments that have been upvoted or downvoted by you now include a banner indicator at the top-right corner
An option has been included to change how often baconreader checks for messages
Upvoting or downvoting a story/comment closes the context menu
The back button closes any opened/”swiped” context menus
Fixed a bug where custom subreddits would infinitely multiply
Auto-correct has been enabled for text inputs
Upvotes/downvotes on context menus have been changed to blue and orange rather than greyed out
Scrollbars have been added back to comment/article lists
Press “back” when on a subreddit brings you back to the front page rather than out of the app
Fixed a bug where custom subreddits multiply infinitely
Fixed a bug where downvoting a story which is already upvoted only decreases vote count by 1
Fixed a bug where menu icons show up too large on lower-res devices, cutting off text
Fixed a bug where scrolling up while baconreader is loading more articles causes a force close
Fixed a bug where notification ringtone could not be set to silent
Drop-down lists for subreddits and sorting now close when another is opened
Fixed a bug where the “…more” dropdown on comments does not go away when scrolling up
Fixed a bug where custom fonts did not show up on Android 1.6
Integrated CAPTCHAs so new users can submit links
Fixed a bug where stories would continuously load if there was only a few stories in the subreddit
Fixed a bug where submitting a link crashed on open
Sized down checkboxes on settings/subreddits for lower-res devices
Fixed a bug where subreddits would not load
Made “compose” button easier to press
Fixed a bug where data would clear when the keyboard was opened
Fixed a bug where switching subreddits while one is loading would not work
Fixed a bug where log on would close when incorrect credentials were entered
Fixed a bug where the widget would force close if clicked before a story is loaded

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