Bobsled, Android, and you

T-Mobile has made a huge announcement today that with the help of Vivox and their “new brand” Bobsled, they’ll be utilizing the largest network of users in the world — Facebook — to bring VoIP into the mainstream.

Essentially, T-Mobile’s Bobsled takes voice communication and integrates it into the web-based Facebook chat client. Once you install Bobsled, you can call your Facebook friends and leave them voice messages online. The fact that you can call someone using your Internet connection through a Facebook account is impressive as it is, but T-Mobile isn’t stopping there.

According to the release notes put out on T-Mobile’s blog, Bobsled will eventually be available on any platform, and any device:

In the near future, T-Mobile plans to evolve Bobsled by T-Mobile to include video chat, the ability to place VoIP calls to mobile and landline U.S. numbers, and will offer applications on smartphones and tablets across various mobile platforms, regardless of the carrier that powers such devices.

So what does this mean for Android and you? It means that with Android being open enough to test the waters with, and with T-Mobile being a huge supporter of the OS, sooner than later you should be able to download an app on your Android device that allows your to make voice and video calls over your data connection to your Facebook friends who are sitting on their Mac or Windows-based PC — and that will be just the beginning. T-Mobile will be taking Bobsled everywhere they can; something they’ve already started by using the name to back the Group Text and Cloud Text features exclusive to the Sidekick 4G launching tomorrow. It’s important to remember that T-Mobile hasn’t made the upcoming arrival of any mobile apps official, but all the pieces of the puzzle are certainly there, waiting to be put together.

VoIP is going to become the standard someday, and with a major carrier starting to release clients in a major way, there’s a good chance the movement is about to pick up steam again. For now, we are just going to have to sit and wait to see how far T-Mobile can take Bobsled, and what AT&T decides to do once the ball’s in their court.

Via T-Mobile

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