HTC Evo View 4G to launch with Honeycomb?

Ever since HTC first announced their 7-inch Flyer tablet, the company has stuck to their guns in saying that Gingerbread (2.3/2.4) was a more appropriate firmware than Honeycomb (3.0) for now. The reasoning? HTC simply didn’t have enough time to customize Honeycomb the way they wanted. Makes sense for a company that heavily relies on a custom UI to set them apart, but releasing a tablet with anything less than Honeycomb at this point is risky business. Well after the release of a new promotional page for the Sprint version of the Flyer, the Evo View 4G, it’s not quite solid which version of Android HTC’s first Android tablet will ship with.

Originally listed as coming with “Android 3.0 just for tablets,” the small spec sheet listed for the View on Sprint’s “this just in” page has been modified to say the tablet comes with the “latest version of Android.” Of course the latest version of Android is 3.0, but the fact that Sprint changed it means there’s a good chance the tablet will still ship with Gingerbread. Essentially, the guessing game for which firmware the View will ship with just got a lot more confusing.

What do you think, would HTC bumping the Evo View up to Honeycomb make you more inclined to purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Android Central

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